Johnny O says:

We had a great turn out at this years firefighter appreciation day.

Thanks to the more than 200 people that showed up to honor the men and women that keep our community safe.

Almost 1/2 of our roster of firefighters, (15), showed up to receive the thanks from a grateful community.

Fire chief, Roger, introduced the troops and reiterated the importance of having a generous community backing the department.

It was a beautiful day. We had a just few sprinkles just before the celebration began. Then clear skies…until the fire trucks were all tucked back in for the night around 7pm.


A BIG storm roared through and gave the community a nice soaking. God knows that fire fighters like water, just not on their dinner plates. It was the perfect ending to our day.

As always, there was a great Walker energy in the air. Lots of joyful, smiling faces. Even on the dogs.

I want to offer my heart felt thanks to the ginormous number of helpers.

Even after all the years I’ve been overseeing these function, I have no idea where they all come from.

Some I know…some I meet for the first time. But there they all there. Working hard together for a very worthy

So THANKS to all that showed up to help set-up, clean-up, sell merchandise, play music, cook a BIG pig, move trucks… move’m’back, go get ice, make lemonade, cut cakes, blow-up balloons, haul garbage, sweep the floor…twice, and all the stuff that gets done that I’m not even aware of.

Yes…it truly takes a village…to build a community. And we’ve got a great one!

Until next time,

Johnny O