We provided some detail on the map of the fire. The head of the fire is 3.5-4 miles from Palace Station. Work at the top of the fire is just about complete and they are just about done prepping Palace Station(hopefully that turns out to be unnecessary). If you look at the map, they are finishing up line fortification between H8 and H10 (these are on the NW flank). The “trouble spot” pointed out on the map has moderate heat but very little in front of it that can burn, it bumps up against previously burned areas and they have done a lot of work further past that point creating fire line.


The weather looks to remain hot and dry today and tomorrow (less dry tomorrow but dry still). A good way to think about the progress is that the list of things that would have to go wrong for the fire to get away from them is getting longer every day.

It’s a wildfire so anything can happen but the status as of 10am this morning leaves the IMT encouraged–hopefully that sentiment is warranted. We will try to post a picture from lookout rock late this afternoon.

Roger Nusbaum
Fire Chief