As I was leaving on Sunday morning, about 11:15, I came upon an SUV that had rolled over into the ditch on the side of Walker Road, just across from the fire station.

Sheriffs and Walker Fire were there, directing traffic. No ambulance, but people standing around, so I assume no one was hurt.

A flat bed tow truck was there getting ready to pull it upright and haul it away.

My guess from the skid marks and the location was that the slight bend at the fire station, along with some dampness form melting snow, caught the driver by surprise.

The SUV spun around, rolled over completely and ended up on it’s right side, with the wheels facing away from the road and it’s front facing back at the fire station. The entire rear of the vehicle was damaged.

The photo was taken after everything was cleaned up.

Let’s be careful out there, folks.

Here’s the post on the Walker Fire FaceBook page: