I’ve launched a new website. It’s about Everything Good In Prescott.

The first post is about the story of the Birth Place of Prescott, which has Joseph Rutherford Walker as a central character and our little valley as a setting.

There’s a video that I made a while back that might be interesting to watch. I’m not a fan, but then it’s got me in it, so I’m self conscious.

Click the link below to go read it.

My first idea for this web site was to produce a new video each week.

After making 2 of them, I realized that took way too much time.

So, I quit. Total failure is so much easier.

Now that we’re back, I wanted to start with my first video, The Birth Of Prescott.

The fact that I live in Walker, a couple miles from where it all started is just a bonus.

Below is the edited script of it, as well as the video.

I just watched it again for the first time.

Read the entire article at: https://www.findingprescott.com/2018/01/04/birth-place-prescott/