A couple years ago, I had just gotten a drone to take videos and was anxious to use it, which I did at Walker Day.

A couple days ago, Johnny O, the Walker Day organizer, asked me to contact someone who was making a video to promote Walker Day to give him my video.

Sure, whatever.

I’ll do anything Johnny O asks me to. (Well, almost anything.)

I emailed this nice gentleman and asked what he was doing and why, and how I could help.

This is the response I got from Henry Gellerman.

Henry Gellerman

Henry Gellerman

I attended my 1st “Walker Day” last year in 2016.

I was very moved by the outpouring of community support to help fund a small Fire Dept. which must fend for itself without the benefit of a municipal tax base.

I took a few pictures at the time and sent them to dCourier, which published one. But it was after-the-fact—and did nothing to help Walker Fire then.

I made a mental note at the time, to try and do something ahead of the Walker Day Event this year to help bolster turnout for this worthy cause.

I am originally from New Jersey, and I had two friends who were Fireman that moved to NYC—because the pay was much better. I lost them both in 911.

I have always had great respect and admiration for the Brotherhood of Firefighters, and try to support them wherever, and however, I can.

So, I contacted Tim Wiederaenders, the Community Editor at dCourier, and asked if he would run a short video promo featuring Walker Firemen as a Public Service Announcement (i.e., Free) for their EVENT. Tim agreed, with the caveat being it could run no longer than 2 minutes. I agreed.

My reasoning is simply this: dCourier probably has more news-hungry eyeballs on it than the Walker Day site (no offense), and if the the 2 min. video motivates parents to show their children “what community involvement looks like” and raises a little extra cash for Walker, than it would be worth a day or so of my time.

So last night Chief Roger Nusbaum and a few of his guys sat down with Skye Direen, a woman raised in Walker to make their case. I’m editing it now. We shot it in the Firehouse using a pumper truck as a backdrop.

With regard to drone footage: Since we only have 2 min. I’m forced to “cut to the chase,” as the saying goes. But the site you set up with all the pictures from years past is a veritable treasure trove for me to grab a few supportive cutaway shots to do some Ken Burns moves on.

I hope I have answered your questions.

Kind Regards,
—Henry Gellerman

Yes, Henry. You answered quite eloquently.

Thanks for the kind words and the video!

Here’s a link if you haven’t seen it.

Walker Day Promo Video